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December 9, 2012
I worked in the insurance industry for 25 years, 12 as a futurist anticipating innovative shifts.  The most recent 5 years my efforts focused building an innovation practice and exponential transportation  innovations: shared transportation, ITS, Self-driving cars.

Guy Fraker a 25 year veteran in the multi-line insurance industry; 12 as a futurist anticipating & advising on disruptive innovations;  past 5 years executing innovation practices and participating in transportation innovations: shared economy, ITS, Self-driving cars.

Sean brings tech investment expertise as well as significant experience in portfolio risk mitigation

Sean Udall brings tech investment expertise as well as significant experience in portfolio risk mitigation. Now a resident of Silicon Valley, Sean remains active in various innovation communities.

Welcome to our introductory blog!

First, what is get2kno?

While we continue development towards our beta launch, we figured now is a good time to begin sharing who we are, our goals, the motivations behind this ambitious undertaking, and why we believe our solution will open up whole new possibilities for the sharing economy.

In general terms, is a shared economy platform providing 3 core functions:

  1. Captures and analyzes both structured and unstructured data to score the ability to trust users who register at get2kno.  Keep in mind, this is in the context of the shared economy.  Far different from a reputation platform, we have created a unique twist that we sure haven’t come across elsewhere.
  2. get2kno bridges the shared economy providers as an aggregator.  Starting out we will focus on major U.S. cities.  By being a member of our community, you will be able to search for available modes of transportation, places to stay, formal wear for a night on the town, all on one site.
  3. We realize you want to be rewarded for being a responsible member of the shared economy- whether you are a “provider” or a “user”.  We are so confident in the science behind the site, that we are creating a rewards platform exclusively for our members.  In the interest of full disclosure, offering the rewards you care about will mean adding them in the months following our initial launch.

The foundation of get2kno, Inc is based on the benefits from increased transparency. This means walking the talk first. In the coming weeks,  we will share our stories so you can “get2kno” the team behind get2kno. Yes, the team is larger than just the two of us.  More importantly, we want to learn about your perspectives of the sharing economy.   Future blogs will include stuff we want to share and ask questions we would like your help understanding.   We are about 60 days from beta.   However, let’s begin collaborating now so our post launch roadmap reflects not our priorities, but yours. So, if you are:

  • new to the shared economy;
  • a seasoned member of the sharing, or collaborative consumption, economy;
  • would like to use sharing economy services but have an issue holding you back;
  • working in an industry that can grow by serving the shared economy;
  • a new or existing provider in the shared economy;
  • a journalist covering the sharing economy;
  • a fan of the shared economy;
  • looking to invest in the sharing economy;

Please join us on this journey to create a community that rewards responsible utilization of shared services!   In addition to just having a great time meeting remarkable new friends, together we will improve air quality, reduce congestion, enhance the safety of shared services, and make transportation safer.  Ask yourself- how many chances does one get to help address these challenges?   Join us and rest assured you participation will matter.  Not sure how?  Come on along and see for yourself!

Thank you and all the best this holiday season!

Guy and team at get2kno!

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