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A Great Question! Is get2kno a Klout competitor?

February 19, 2013

This is an easy question to answer, knowing what’s behind our science….Yes and No. Let me explain: First and foremost- Klout and other leading reputation platforms are doing great work. Far be it for us as an upstart in beta phase to be critical.  Klout measures “influence” a person has on others, we measure “respectability” and “potential trustworthiness” for a person in the community of the person’s peers.   I live in the same town as a my #1 mentor, with whom I share the same name, my father.  Without exception, every reputation site I’ve ever joined failed to separate us.  In my case, that works in my favor!  However, in the context of letting a stranger enter my home to sleep under the same roof, or drive away with my beloved Mini JCW-RS, a different level of accuracy is essential to my piece of mind. get2kno operates with that accuracy.

Next, many reputational platforms try to be all things to all people while get2kno is contextual- specific to the shared economy.  We want people to feel safer when they meet to exchange keys, let that “stranger” sleep in the spare bedroom, show up to construct the Ikea furniture. The second value prop get2kno puts out in plain view is a powerful statement of respect to our users.  We assume people are inherently skeptics of scoring systems.  Therefore we encourage each user in our community to select how data sources are weighted while also retaining integrity & accuracy.  Each user, be they a company or individual consumer, can modify the scoring to meet their internal definition of “trust”. We recognize in order for us to gain trust, we must first show trust.

Co-founder's Corner

Co-founder’s Corner

As we build out to scale, we’ll provide a playground for alliance partners to reward consumers who utilize shared services in postive ways. We will deliver a searchable aggregated view of shared economy providers WITH utilization incentives.  By doing both in a single view, using single sign-on, we provide an economic reason to be scored.  We believe that by partnering with the Collaborative Consumption community, a market is created where no user asks, “ok- I got my score- now what?”.  get2kno is about creating a market, not building a platform.
Starting out, is serving a specific purpose and mission.Millions are graduating from college in debt equal to Boomers’ mortgages.  Historically, this has meant being tagged as a credit risk.  The other situation is young urbanites who choose to rent, to rely on public & shared transportation, thus are tagged as a risk with little to no credit history.  Our assumption is the opposite- we assume both such circumstances reflect being socially & financially astute.  get2kno reflects,  reinforces and incentivizes that responsibility.  Likewise an equal number of families are looking for ways to help offset various “ownership” costs, but want an added level of comfort doing so. get2kno helps those two groups find each other.  get2kno provides direct “access” to a world wide network of property & services without the cost of “acquisition.”

Consumers, CC providers, a network of rewards providers: win/win/win!  To deliver, we have to remain relentlessly focused, fearlessly transparent, and deeply humble, as we build this end to end Trust market.  Get2kno isn’t about building a reputation score, leaving the users to find a purpose.  We have a purpose.  Now we will partner with users to fulfill that mission collaboratively.”

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