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Trust Has Always Been Vital To Sharing Economies

April 10, 2013

If we look back across history we see this linear direction of societal development from being less sophisticated towards becoming more sophisticated in how we transact for the exchange of goods and services.  However, if we pull back our lens even further, we see how the best of our attributes often take us full circle, just enabled by a greater sophistication.  Such is the case where both the “Sharing Economy” and the “Reputation Economy”  converge.  Throughout history, communities form and those within any given community the exchange goods and services supported by a system of economic incentives.  With a greater degree of confidence and capability this system expanded


to involve transactions across community boundaries, then across the boundaries containing many communities, and so one.  At the heart of this repetitive cycle are, the same basic elements: growing capability, economic incentives, and greater confidence.  Thus, are the driving elements within get2kno as a unique, and highly adaptive model:

Greater capability:  big data, global connectivity, state-of-the art analytics;

Economic Incentives:  growth in utilization for the “community organizers”, or the shared economy providers as well as the community members- both providers and users.  The growth in utilization rewarded by the rewards platform we are now building out.

Greater confidence: A unique scoring system predicting the degree of trust two party’s can have that one will provide a good/service responsibly AND the other party will return some form of consideration in return.

Mission: The get2kno team has been drawn together by a passion and a vision of nothing less than creating what Dr. Peter Diamandas coined “10(9th)” solutions:  A solution that ultimately has a positive impact upon 1 Billion lives in a 10 year span.  We are starting with the shared economy, because we embrace this sector,  as the oldest form of community cooperation in to be cherished, nurtured, in human history, just enabled by the most recent form of technological capabilities.

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