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Thank you for stopping by!  We are working through some tough questions every day as “opening day” comes closer and closer.  We think they are questions that will matter to our future members.  We’ve listed some here for you to comment on. Also, if you think of questions that we need to add to our list, don’t be shy!

  • How do you decide if someone can be trusted with your car, or to stay with them in their homes?
  • What kinds of rewards will put a big smile on your face?  Is it car washes?  Is it cheaper insurance?  What about waived damage deposits?  We live in a big world, and we’ll be constantly on the search for the rewards that matter to our community members?
  • If you are a fan of the shared economy, but still on the sidelines watching, we’d like to know what’s holding you back?
  • If you happen to be a member of one of the repetitional platforms already up and running, what do you like?  What would you change if you could?

Well that’s just a sampling of the questions to get some dialogue going.

Again, thank you for checking in.

Your team @ get2knoA sign from Washington DC

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  1. ラルフローレン ひざ掛け アディダス レディース

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